Restructuring quickly and well, designing or building a custom-made space, furnishing with care and creativity: for us all this means being a General Contractor.

Imagine someone who follows you from planning to defining the interior design of your new home or commercial space.

Imagine someone who takes care of the entire construction or renovation process, without having to burden you with any worries, also assisting you in the purchase of the property. Imagine someone who understands your needs and knows how to turn them into reality. 

At your side, at all times, you will find us. Starting from your requests, whether it's just construction works or an entire turnkey renovation project, we will create together a unique project, a house that speaks about you. 

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Piero Capponi is the founder and the reference personality of the Capponi General Contractor. Eclectic person, he blends the great competence in the construction sector with a natural curiosity and taste for beauty that leads him to always be updated on the latest trends in furniture and innovative materials. The furniture and accessories used in his projects are always selected from the best made in Italy brands, in order to personalize and make each project unique. For him, designing a space is a passion, almost a game to be played in complicity with the customer.

"I love to establish a personal relationship with my clients:
only by knowing a person very well you really are
able to create a tailor-made project for them,
that makes them feel at ease. "
- Piero Capponi

Over time, Piero has devised a new way of understanding the construction company: he will be able to create a house that speaks about you, taking care of the entire construction or renovation process, from planning to defining the interior design of your new home or your commercial space. Thanks to the relationship of trust that he is able to establish with customers, Piero is able to grasp and identify every aspect of their lifestyle, then reflecting it in the design choices to create a tailor-made residential space.

"To live and work well you need a beautiful place,
you need pleasant and functional spaces,
tailored to your needs "
- Piero Capponi


"Capponi GC is not me, but many people
who work closely together to best implement each project "
- Piero Capponi

A job well done is the fruit of many hands. The soul of Capponi General Contractor is its team of professionals: together with Piero, founder and reference personality of the company, the design and study team has been working since 2009, making availability, attention and seriousness its distinctive feature.

In addition to the technical figures, the working group includes architects and interior designers. We design beautiful spaces to live in, furnished with taste and creativity and inserting brands with an unmistakable Italian style. Each project is then carried out by the workers of Capponi, craftsmen and skilled workers with long experience, ready to solve the unexpected events of each construction site. Ten years and hundreds of renovations later, Capponi is today considered a pioneer of a new way of building in Bergamo where seriousness and concreteness are combined with aesthetic research and the ability to select the best furnishings and accessories of the great Made in Italy brands.