EX ISMES Bergamo Projects


Our property renovation projects all start from one premise: enhancing what is available by integrating new needs to obtain a functional and pleasant environment to live in. It is with this thought in mind that we dedicated ourselves to the renovation of the former ISMES: this is a project that better than others speaks of us and our way of working because it is here that we decided to give life to our new offices, choosing a place of high symbolic meaning.

The offices of Capponi GC find their place, in fact, in the historic building in Viale Giulio Cesare in Bergamo which, from 1951 until a few years ago, housed the headquarters of ISMES, the famous Experimental Institute for Models and Structures. In this characteristic cylindrical tower scale engineering models of the most complex concrete dam structures built around the world were tested, without ever failing. Capponi's adventure thus places itself in dialogue with the history of the city of Bergamo, collecting, in some way, the legacy of a technical institute of international importance.

In addition to the offices, which occupy the third floor, Capponi GC also took care of the transformation into an apartment on the fourth floor, two projects that share the complexity of implementation given by the structure but which also enjoy the advantage of unparalleled brightness.


Flooded with light, Capponi GC office was designed in our image and likeness. We have in fact divided this space with a cylindrical shape so particular according to our specific needs, thinking on one hand to create a harmonious and positive place to work at best and on the other to receive our customers in a relaxing and pleasant environment, which already introduce the contemporary and sophisticated mood we will propose for their home. The entrance area with minimal lines, but still airy and extremely welcoming, is dedicated to the customer. Entering the studio, one passes seamlessly to a waiting room created thanks to large windows right in the center of the office, forming a separate but not isolated place. The waiting room is designed to put our customers at ease; here, they can relax by reading magazines or take advantage of the waiting time for a few phone calls in total privacy, screened by the windows, but free to observe the activities of the office with their eyes and still enjoy natural light. Shared with the customer is the meeting room, where a large oval table takes up the shape of the cylindrical tower and offers the right space for all the professionals linked to a project as well as the families of our customers to find a place: here the choice of material and furniture takes place. 




The two large work environments are entirely reserved for us: Piero Capponi's office, separated for confidentiality and to ensure silence and concentration for the rest of the team, and  the largest and most spacious open space area reserved for the team. These environments are also favored by the natural light that penetrates through the large windows, a unique feature of this building and fundamental for us, because it gives the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing panorama and a work environment that is positive and welcoming. In addition to ergonomic seats, unique chandeliers and designer furnishings, we wanted to give ourselves some additional goodies, covering our desks with alcantara, a material with a soft texture, similar to suede, and studying a customized fragrance for the Capponi GC brand that involve even touch and smell in a real sensory experience, perfect for marking the difference between our studio and an ordinary work environment.

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