The new Catellani & Smith Showroom is located right in the city center of Bergamo, in a side street but very busy and full of interesting shops. On the three floors of this all-glass shop, the light designer from Bergamo presents its collection of lamps, together with shared workspaces and relaxation and reception areas. The intent, in fact, is not only to create a new environment worthy of the creations that will be exhibited, but also to create a valuable place that enhances the city of Bergamo, joining the urban fabric and becoming a reference point among the artisan shops, thus sealing the love - reciprocated - that Catellani has for his city.


Catellani wanted to create this new Showroom together with Francesca Ravasio, a young interior designer, who called to her side us from the Capponi General Contractor, now solid partners. Francesca was able to interpret the Showroom spaces with flair and passion: Catellani decided to entrust the project to her because she knows how to create harmonious and comfortable atmospheres, while respecting the needs of each client, thus creating stimulating and memorable environments.

The new Showroom consists of 3 levels, each one characterized by a well-established purpose and use. Only the ground floor, in fact, is used as a real exhibition space, where the Catellani team will welcome customers and where entry will be free, thinking of this space as if it were a design gallery. The first floor, mezzanine, and the basement will instead be reserved: the upper floor is divided into offices and meeting rooms designed for the daily operations of the company; the basement, again, is designed as an area reserved for distributors or particular company collaborators, where they can preview the products or participate in workshops and training courses. The exhibition space is designed to be a place that anyone can frequent - not necessarily linked to the sale, therefore - and is designed accordingly so that the environment is welcoming in all its parts, arousing the sensation of feeling at home: refined furniture, selected from the high range proposals of Made in Italy, but always characterized by a practical and not purely aesthetic function; the lights and the arrangement of objects; the use of natural materials and the use of many plants. All these elements combine to create an informal and pleasant environment to frequent.


To make the customer's experience in the Catellani & Smith Showroom even more memorable, we have also created an olfactory logo, which is a custom-made room fragrance for this brand, thus celebrating its uniqueness.

The scent identity is in fact the new frontier of the study of the experience that a customer has in the store: not only the visual elements, the furniture and the smile of the host speak of a company, but also the sensations that are perceived when the threshold is crossed. This is how a perfume can tell the story of a company and convey emotions to give to customers when they come into contact with the brand.


Was there really a need for a new exhibition space for Catellani & Smith, one of the excellences of our made in Italy? Certainly yes, at least in the vision that Catellani and the artisans of his team have: a pillar of the corporate culture, in fact, is the well-being of people and this philosophy also translates into the atmosphere in the workplace. Catellani artisans have been working for the company since they were kids and it is an element of pride for the light designer to have such role model people to rely on: this means having the responsibility to work on their well-being, promoting a very sunny and friendly attitude, which in work spaces translates into serenity, peace and relaxation.

To work well, it is also essential to work in a beautiful context, where the worker is at ease and can feel almost at home. Although Catellani creations are very elegant and minimal, the work environment does not have an aseptic and industrial appearance, but it is rather warm and enveloping. Starting from this idea, then, it was easy to define which atmosphere should also characterize the new Showroom: the warmth of the welcome is the invisible thread between production and customer exposure. Catellani & Smith likes to define itself as a large family, rather than a large company, and as such it finds space in an environment with a homely flavor, where the materials and colors chosen enhance this feeling, which is the same as in the production workshops. We have chosen woods, soft colors and pastel shades, historical furnishings of Italian design combined with many plants, also present as vertical green and in flower boxes.

Choosing a positive environment means laying the foundations to collect as much positivity: if you surround yourself with people with the same philosophy of life it is easier to collaborate and the same goes for a workspace; if what surrounds us is beautiful and stimulating, surely the result of our commitment will also be better.

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