Villa in Beausoleil France


One of the first works carried out "across the border" was the renovation of this villa in Beausoleil, France.

It was a magnificent adventure for us, because it is a villa of 470 square meters entirely at the disposal of our creativity: in fact, we started from a still rustic construction, to be dressed entirely according to our ideas. It is thanks to the talent of all the members of Capponi GC that we were able to obtain this order. We were in fact invited to participate in a tender, in which we compared ourselves with two other French companies, but we got the better of it thanks to our inventiveness, shown through a solid portfolio, but also thanks to our philosophy, which makes the guarantee in terms of delivery and prices a great strength.



The villa, with its generous size of 470 square meters, is spread over three floors organized from top to bottom, accompanying the hill that supports the building.

The entrance, in fact, is located on the second floor of the villa, where there is also an elevator and a cloakroom, to welcome guests in the best possible way. Going down, on the first floor we find the living room, the guest bathroom and the master bedroom with its private bathroom.

Finally, the ground floor houses four bedrooms with as many bathrooms available, a gym and a cellar. We also worked on the external areas of the house, giving it a new and modern look: we redesigned the entrance and the garden and we added a magnificent swimming pool right outside the second floor of the villa.

This full-bodied work, which took us only 86 days, led to the creation of a villa of great beauty and equipped with highly functional spaces, all to be lived in. Of course, our first commitment was to respect the requests of the family who live there, but we also wanted to add an innovative, modern, gritty character, just like us at Capponi GC: this is also why the owner immediately appreciated our project and we worked in full harmony of intent.



As said, a great strength of Capponi GC in this project - as always, after all - is the talent of our team, especially as regards interior design. It is also thanks to the case studies shown that we have impressed the customers positively.

Our Francesca Ravasio, a young and emerging interior designer, stands out for her creativity and for the ability to understand the client's tastes. And so it was: interpreting the brief provided by the client, Francesca was able to capture the right atmosphere for the villa, imagining and then creating the right setting, comfortable, relaxed but chic and essential. The materials chosen for the house also tell this flavor: all the rooms have natural colors and interesting materials, different one from another but creating a pleasant contrast. For example, we have chosen parquet for the bedrooms, very large stoneware tiles for the living area in a dove-gray color, which is also used in the kitchen furniture, whose dark top creates a beautiful play of contrasts. Very interesting, again, is the structure of the staircase: on the second floor we find glass barriers, designed to facilitate the passage of light; on the lower floors, however, there is a different mix of materials, one part is in masonry but the end part, towards the living room, is lightened by a tubular screen in white enameled metal.

The exterior of the house also tells another chapter of this same story: the walls of the house are managed in a different way, visually moving the final result. One part of the building is plastered in a beautiful bright white, while another part, which overlooks the garden, is covered with a beautiful rough stone with yellowish shades.

Also in stone, this time smooth and gray, is built the swimming pool and the sunbathing area that surrounds it, moved with beautiful wooden inserts, comfortable to walk on barefoot and on which to lie down on beautiful sunny days.